"frbsJpmml" is an application written in Java that is used to apply fuzzy rule-based systems (FRBS) specified in the frbsPMML format, which is a universal framework adopted from Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) format. This application requires two input data: a pmml file containing an FRBS model and a testing file. The output of frbsJpmml is predicted values saved in a txt file.

"frbsJpmml" provides some useful features related to the frbs concepts, as follows:

  • It allows to the following models: Mamdani, Takagi Sugeno Kang, and fuzzy rule-based classification systems (FRBCS).
  • It supports linguistic hedges (e.g., extremely, somewhat, etc), the "don_t care" value, and negation operator in rules.
  • There are several options for determining inference parameters, membership functions, and operators.

In this site, we provide some files: installer, source code, and examples. Furthermore, we show how to use the program in the menu User Guide. Some examples using several datasets are included as well.