In this section, we provide examples employing three models: Mamdani, Takagi Sugeno Kang, and fuzzy rule-based classification systems. So, we classify these examples into two problems which are regression and classification.

A. Regression:

   1. The four hill function:

   2. The Gas Furnace dataset [BoxJenkins1970]:

   3. The Mackey Glass dataset [MackeyGlass1977]:

B. Classification:

  1. The Iris dataset [Fisher1936]:

  2. The Pima dataset [Smith1988]: pima.5f.RData

  3. The Wine dataset [Aeberhard1992]: wine.5f.RData

4.Credit risk assessment (German datasets) [Hsieh]:



The figure above illustrates the workflow on credit risk assessment used on this experiment.



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